Daina Eliason

Portrait of DainaLandscape Architect OALA CSLA

OALA CSLA, a Partner in the firm, attained her Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Toronto.

She brings over three decades of landscape architectural knowledge and creativity to a wide range of projects including park planning, urban, commercial and residential development.

Her extensive project experience includes work throughout Ontario and the Southern United States for a diverse client base, in both private and public sectors, from initial design consultation, concept and master plan development, and to final site plan approval and project management.

Daina has expertise in planting design, and is attentive to indigenous plant species and sustainability in landscape design. While employed in the United States she designed numerous landscape projects in the Southern United States, where she was given the opportunity to work with a much broader plant palette.

Her recent municipal employment has made her knowledgeable on current municipal policies and regulations for design approvals.

She provides conceptual thinking and knowledge in the development phase of each project through to contract management, in collaboration with other disciplines, to generate a final plan for implementation that will ultimately exemplify a successful project.




Member of The Ontario Association of Landscape Architects (OALA)
Member of The Canadian Association of Landscape Architects (CSLA)