Residential projects

Formal Urban front courtyard

Red brick house and front garden

A formal garden in a narrow space, this design created focus on the front door and provided a variety of interesting plants in a controlled way.

The planting selection is colorful throughout the year using annuals and perennials as well as flowering trees and shrubs.



Plants by iron fence


Condo Development
A profusion of colour and flowers was developed over time and eventually became almost self-sustaining. Minimal weeding was made easier by the raised bed and the density of the planting.


Front entrance courtyard with limestone



A natural shelf of bedrock formed the patio at the very edge of the water, but the size was increased by installing a boulder retaining wall. The custom designed fence was created to mimic the waves as well as to prevent falling off the patio to the rocks below!

Hot tub

Rural driveway entry with berms and landscaping

Home garden





Yard fence



Custom fence and finials
Private country garden / custom fence to suit scale



There is so much you can do with fencing. Here the scale of the fence was in keeping with a large, historic, stone house and the need for privacy. Tree poles were sourced locally for the top and over-size finials were turned by a neighbour.



Home garden